Dig Deep ... and Get Moving!

Are you willing to Dig Deep and make a real difference to people's lives?

As a local Gateshead charity we do everything in our power to stand up for equality and strive for our vision of a fair society for all, with lives well lived, but there's so much more we need to do.

The longer term impact of COVID-19 is only beginning to unfurl across Gateshead and we know that as support is scaled back and the suspension on evictions is lifted, there will be an even deeper  impact on Gateshead families, their wellbeing, mental health and inevitably leading to poverty and homelessness. Many families will, as a result of COVID-19, experience new challenges that they simply don't know how to navigate. They need social welfare advice and we can provide it with your help.

We have to be ready now, for what is to come soon, and to do this we need your help.

Dig Deep 2020 is about raising the money we need to help Gateshead families to not just survive, but to turn their lives around. The more money we raise, the more we are able to dig deeper, to understand and eradicate the individual causes of poverty for each family and help them to find a new way forward. Every £1 we raise, we turn into £24 of gain for families and children who need our help. Every pound raised allows us to invest in advisers to help people when they need it the most.

How much do we want to raise?

Through the Dig Deep and Get Moving event we have a fundraising target of at least £1000 - we're looking for at least 20 people to blaze the trail and raise £50 each by getting out and about and moving, in some way, shape or form, on Sunday 13th September - Virtual Great North Run 2020 day. If you can raise more, that would be excellent.

What can you do to raise money?

Run, walk, cycle, skip, job, steps - you name it! Anything active that gets you moving is the theme of the event. Here are some examples...

The Great North Tyneside Coast Walk: As an example of what you can do without running some people have already volunteered to walk from North Shields to St Mary’s Lighthouse and back … which by chance just happens to be 13 miles! If you live north of the Tyne and want to see the lovely coast (and end with some fish and chips on North Shields quayside...) why not join in?

The Saltwell Part Solution: For those south of the river, five laps walking around beautiful Saltwell Park is about 13 miles. Why not get a group of like-minded fundraisers together and have a lovely day running, walking or jogging around the park?

Thirteen Thousand Steps ...or Thirteen Hundred Skips? For something a little less specific, why not pledge to do 13,000 steps in one day? Or 1300 skips? You might not even have to leave your home to raise money.

Take part in the Official Virtual Great North Run! If you know any runners, this is the one for them!​​​​​​​ The organisers of the Great North Run announced the Official Virtual Great North Run 2020 on Sunday 13th September. This is a chance for everyone to get involved and raise money.  The idea of the event is that everyone can take part in a free half-marathon run on the day, running wherever and whenever they want (although specifically not the race route!) There will be an app that you download that tracks your progress and allows you to listen to the appropriate sounds and cheers as you run (or walk, if it’s me!)

This event is FREE and it is open to EVERYONE, not just people who have registered in the race. So if you want to run, jog or walk to raise money for the charity, it’s a great time to do it. Even if you don’t want to do any exercise, you can still raise money! This is going to be a great focus for any fundraising activity you would like to do. A day of fundraising! So if you have any ideas for suitable activities that you could be sponsored to do on the day, that will be great too!​​

Virtual great north run logo


It's not long now, so if you’re interested in joining in, email me and please let me know!

Our Dig Deep 2020 JustGiving page is here - press the START FUNDRAISING to create your own fundraising page for the campaign and spread the word to your friends and family

Watch out on Citizens Advice Gateshead Facebook and Twitter for posts about the event and share them with your friends; a great way to get them to pledge!

Have fun, stay safe and dig deep!

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