How our Advice Helped Ali

Ali's Story

Ali is a 2-year old boy and has recently been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia. His family referred to us for help with claiming Disability Living Allowance (DLA). The family of nine have moved to the UK in the last two years after leaving Syria. They were given refugee status, and housed in temporary accommodation arranged by the local authority. Ali's father claimed jobseeker's allowance but was struggling to look for work and supporting his family.

We helped Ali's family to work with the social workers at the RVI and to apply for Disability Living Allowance. We supported them to find permanent accommodation with the local authority and sourced key items for their new home.

The family had no savings since they were forced to leave everything behind on their journey and had a limited understanding of English. This made them very anxious about settling into the UK. Their situation was made increasingly difficult when Ali was referred to the Royal Victoria Infirmary to receive a bone marrow transplant. This resulted in less time for Ali's father looking for which he was desperately in need of. They were initially given child benefits, child tax credits and jobseeker's allowance to help, however this did not help them entirely.

What we did for Ali

Our cancer service worked closely with social workers at the RVI to ensure the family were fully supported and help them understand their situation. We also helped to secure benefits the family were eligible to apply for including DLA and supported them to obtain permanent accommodation by the local authority and several key items needed to keep the property in an appropriate state.


If you need advice about support for people diagnosed with cancer please get in touch

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Originally posted 20th September 2016

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