Our Discrimination Service fights against workplace injustice


Our Civil Legal Advice Discrimination service deals with clients from across England and Wales who have been treated unfairly in their day to day lives. The team works hard to help clients seek justice for these discriminatory acts.

The client

John was employed as an operative in a food processing company but was off work due to ill health and ultimately resigned their role.

The client had been diagnosed with arthritis, dislocation and carpal tunnel syndrome which affected their hands and arms and made it difficult for him to complete manual tasks. The company referred him for an occupational health assessment, but then refused to adhere to the reasonable adjustments suggested in the report. The client ultimately suffered an injury at work.

This made it impossible for John to continue in his employment. He had already contacted ACAS to try and resolve the issue through the early conciliation process, but this had failed. He contacted us for advice.

What we did

We provided John with detailed advice about his rights under the Equality Act 2010 and about the strengths and weaknesses of his case. We also provided advice on his option for taking his case further, including issuing a claim against his former employer in the employment tribunal.

We entered into settlement negotiations with his former employer, to try and resolve the issue without the need to go to tribunal. Both John and his former employer agreed to enter into judicial mediation, a formal negotiation process, and we assisted him through this process.

The company made him an offer of £20,000 in full and final settlement of his claim, and John accepted this compensatory amount.

This allowed him some financial security following the loss of his job and helped him to avoid formal tribunal proceedings, which can be stressful and lengthy. More importantly it allowed him to move on from a distressing period in his life.

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