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For more than six decades we have helped thousands of people to move forward at times of upheaval and uncertainty. Although the challenges being faced are changing, we continue to provide a valuable free and impartial service that you can trust. 
"In a time of crisis and uncertainty you became a beacon and huge support ... a lifeline in fact."
Gateshead Investigates Bulletin: Spring 2020

Our Research and Campaigns unit works tirelessly to investigate and report on the issues affecting the people of Gateshead. By […]

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The Economics of Universal Credit

At Citizens Advice Gateshead, our mission is to mobilise knowledge so the system works, it works for everyone, and it […]

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Are you missing out on your pension or sick pay?

Citizens Advice has unveiled startling figures regarding unclaimed workplace pensions and employers and sick pay.

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Annual Report 2017-18

We are proud to be able to report that over the past year our work has made a meaningful difference to the lives of the people who live and work in Gateshead

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How our Advice Helped Daniel

"There's nothing more debilitating about a disability than the way people treat you over it" - Solange Nicole

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Having problems with renting or loan guarantors?

Citizens Advice has shown that the prices of private home rentals are causing major issues for tenants who wish to buy a home

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How our Advice Helped Ali

"This reduced the family's stress and anxiety, improving their mental health and wellbeing."

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“Broadband is an essential not a luxury.”

On average we spend up to 218 million hours a year trying to solve broadband problems.

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Gateshead Investigates: the impact of the ‘Loyalty Penalty’

Five sectors are routinely overcharging customers who do not regularly change provider, for a combined loss of £4.1bn.

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Gateshead Investigates: Rental Roulette

A significant portion of renters are left in the dark regarding their tenancy agreements, potentially leaving them open to exploitation by rogue landlords.

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Hidden costs of cancer - can employers help?

After a cancer diagnosis the possible outcomes are often coupled with the devastating effect of the hidden cost of cancer.

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We will keep you up-to-date with exciting developments within the charity, the impact of our work and opportunities to help us create a fair society for all, with lives well lived.
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