What should you do if you are struggling to afford 'working from home'?

What should you do if you are struggling to afford 'working from home'?

by Ida Kalinic, volunteer content creator

As the Coronavirus restrictions continue to ease down in the UK and the Government no longer requires people to work from home, many employers are asking their staff to continue working remotely.

Though some companies are still reluctant to make the permanent move to remote working, hybrid working arrangements have surfaced as an ideal compromise.

Recruitment specialist Reed’s spokesperson has told the BBC in a recent article how they’ve noticed dynamic working becoming more accepted, suggesting some companies don’t even specify it in their adverts anymore, but inform candidates about it only in their interviews. However, some people are finding that far from being an easy option, working from home can cost them more money due to increased energy bills, the need for more equipment in their homes and increased childcare costs, to name but a few.

The new changes might put further financial restrain on low-income families and individuals, as an average British worker has spent £271 upgrading their home office and technology.

Similarly, those facing fuel poverty might struggle even more as they spend more time at home using their own electricity and gas for work-related purposes.

What help can you get?

UK employers are not legally required to reimburse their employees for new technology equipment. However, in cases where their employer hasn’t paid for new work equipment, UK workers can claim tax relief.

Similarly, they can do the same for increased energy bills if their employer hasn’t agreed to reimburse those or pay an allowance to cover them. In such cases, workers are eligible for tax relief on £6 a week based one the rate at which they pay tax.

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