Coronavirus - what it means for you

Currently, the spread of coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, in the UK has been limited, but the situation is changing on a daily basis. There are many things you can do to avoid getting coronavirus and to stop the spread of the disease if you think you have it.

Ten Things to Consider About Coronavirus and You

  1. Check whether the information you are working from is a scam. Only use trusted sources and if you receive an email from someone you don't know, don't click on links or buy things through it.

  2. Unless you are notified by your children's school, they should still attend. The school will let you know if there is any change required.

  3. Similarly, if you are working you should attend work as normal unless your employer has told otherwise.

  4. If you have a dependant who is asked to remain at home ('self-isolate') you can get advice from the GOV.UK website on taking time off work

  5. If you're off sick, you may receive sick pay or statutory sick pay (SSP) if you are entitled to it. Always check your contract to see your employer's sickness policy.

  6. If you are not claiming benefits, you may be able to claim Employment and Support Allowance or Universal Credit.

  7. If you are claiming benefits, you should still go to your usual appointments and medical assessments. However, if you are ill, you should phone the office paying your benefit to explain why you cannot go.

  8. If you plan to go on holiday, it is best to get travel insurance before you book your trip. Check the terms and conditions of the policy to see what you are covered for. Are you covered for serious illness? Will you be covered because you no longer want to travel due to coronavirus?

  9. You can get  up-to-date travel guidance on GOV.UK - it'll tell you what countries you shouldn't go to because of coronavirus.

  10. If you need more help with issues related to your holidays, you can get advice from the consumer service.


You can read more about the symptoms of coronavirus and how to avoid it on the NHS website.

You can also read guidance on how the UK is affected by coronavirus on GOV.UK. This guidance from the government is updated every day.

You can also watch British Sign Language versions of government advice on the SignHealth website.


For more information on the topics covered in this post, read Coronavirus - what it means for you


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