Lets Talk About Dementia

This services is being piloted through the hospital's commitment to staff welfare, and is free, impartial and confidential.
"In a time of crisis and uncertainty you became a beacon and huge support … a lifeline in face
This content is an important element of the Rock the System project generously funded by the Sir James Knott Trust

Families Facing Dementia

If you, or someone close to you, is experiencing dementia, Citizens Advice Gateshead can help. Get in touch for advice and information about your social welfare rights and responsibilities

Advice and Support Organisations

Find out about our Let’s Talk about Dementia training programme which we’ve developed with the support of the Sir James Knott Trust.

Recognise the symptoms of dementia?

Recognising the symptoms of dementia can help you seek an early diagnosis, meaning you can put in place the advice, information and support you need as early as possible.

- Memory loss
- Difficulty concentrating
- Finding it hard to carry out familiar every day tasks
- Struggling to follow a conversation, or find the right word
- Being confused about the time or the place
- Mood changes

For more information about the symptoms of dementia click here

The importance of early diagnosis

While there is currently no cure for dementia, progress can be slowed in some cases so the person may be able to maintain their mental function for longer. An early diagnosis can help to get right treatment and support and help prepare for the future

Many people are able to lead active, fulfilled lives with dementia

Get advice as early as possible so you can have plans in place for when you need them

Dementia Support Case Studies

Claire's Story

Claire is a 53-year-old female who lives with her husband and 2 non-dependent children aged 22 and 23 in their […]

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Sita's Story

Sita is a 17-year-old female who lives with her parents and two elder siblings. Her mother, father and eldest sister […]

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Billy's Story

Billy is a 64 year old male who lives with his wife in an adapted rented property They were referred to […]

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Access support for people living with dementia

If you, or someone close to you, is experiencing dementia, the following support services may be available.

Occupational therapy provides support to people whose health prevents them from doing the activities that matter to them.

Call Care provides low cost emergency alarm and response service for disable and vulnerable people living in Gateshead.

CEA Cinema Card provides a complimentary ticket for someone accompanying them.

Community Care Needs Assessment is provided by your local authority.

Community Dental Service provides a service for those who have difficulty in accessing general dental services

Concessionary Bus Pass is a pass available through the Nexus website

Concessionary Rail Card delivers 30% discount and is available through the National Rail website

Day Centres information can be found by contacting your local NHS or AgeUK Gateshead for more details

Dementia News Updates

Let's Talk About Dementia - Free Online Training for Support Professionals

With the generous support of the Sir James Knott Trust, we are able to bring community and voluntary sector organisations across Gateshead and Newcastle this unique free online training. If you are supporting people facing dementia, or their families, this training will help.

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Planning ahead for managing someone else’s affairs 

When a person has a diagnosis of dementia, there may come a time when they are unable to make decisions […]

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Vital benefits for those living with dementia

Get the right welfare benefits support  If you, or someone you know, is living with dementia, getting access to the […]

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Let's Talk About Dementia Training Programme


If you’d like to be a bit more familiar with dementia and the early signs of the condition, you’d like to be clear on the facts rather than the myths, and know what support is available in the local area for people and their families who are facing the condition, this session is an ideal introduction.

 Get in touch to express interest and we’ll let you know when the next session will be taking place.


Designed and delivered by expert advisers in this field, session 2 builds on Part 1 (please note you will need to attend Part 1 before attending this more specialist session). 

Course content has been designed to help social welfare professionals, advisers and staff and volunteers working in support organisations to address the needs of families living with, or caring for someone with dementia. We will explore the advice needs of families, available welfare benefits and how to access them, and the ways that carers can manage the affairs of someone living with dementia appropriately, and with dignity.

Get in touch to express interest and we’ll let you know when the next session will be taking place.

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